Self Adjacent Healing

“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.”
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Cellular Health- The Future of Personal Health Care

You are a human being.
A beautiful, complex, multi-dimensional human being!
I want you to take a second just to appreciate your body, and all that it does for you.
Even if you feel it gives you more trouble than it should take a second to be grateful for being here, and for all the parts and functions that we take for granted.

Go ahead, smile. I tend to wiggle about in my seat a bit.

Great, I hope that felt wonderful.

Moving into cellular health!

Let us say that you are a human being that is in dis-ease.
Fill in your ailment here, everything applies.

Are you reacting to the disease, or are you looking at the cause of that disease?
Are you reacting to the glaring symptom like it is the disease itself?

Healthy bodies don’t one day grow tumors.
Normal cells don’t attack themselves for no reason.
Bodies aren’t designed to consider chronic pain and suffering “normal”.

Let’s consider a disease to be similar to a maze.
You are lost, disoriented, and it seems like there are a hundred paths to get where you are but you can’t see which one was the wrong turn.
Honestly, you probably don’t care about what went wrong, you just want to know the way out.

Let’s zoom out.

This maze certainly looks intimidating.
What is important to note here, is that while there are many paths, and areas to get stuck; THERE IS ONLY ONE ENTRANCE (and one exit, but we aren’t here for that yet).

If you are lost somewhere in this maze of dis-ease, take a breath and think about where it all began.
Take that even further, to before you were aware the dis-ease was beginning.
On a physical level, where does everything start?

DNA within the cells. Communication between the cells. Cell homeostasis.

All tissues, organs, and living parts of our body are made up of cells, each doing its own specific and perfect job.
The health of cells determines how fast we heal and regenerate.

Literally, our cells are tiny microcosms making up the macrocosm that is our human body.

FUN FACT: We are (ideally) producing about 100 million new red blood cells every MINUTE! This is a table of cell turnover times.

Cells are composed of water, inorganic ions, and carbon-containing (organic) molecules. 
This site actually has a great complete breakdown of the Molecular Composition of Cells, National Library of Medicine.

I am not a scientist or a doctor.

Just need to reiterate that. I am just a small-town girl, living in a sickly world, taking the healing train to everywhere….
(humor me).

If the cells are functioning correctly if they are being supported, nurtured, fed, cuddled, and can communicate effectively, then that spreads throughout the rest of the organism, and it flourishes!

I say that cellular health is the future of personal health care because we are starting to take our health personally and holistically!

When we look at our bodies through our own lens, and not through one that is overwhelmed by the lines in the maze, muddled by that of an allopathic doctor, we are taking our health personally.

We don’t need to focus so much on the area in the middle, if we start healing from the bottom, it will ripple throughout the entirety of our being.

We are opening the door to the endless possibilities of the self-healing body.
You are your own healer.
And you are so powerful.

I am certainly not saying cut the cord with allopathic doctors, I am not qualified to give medical advice!

What I am saying is that if you are here, something isn’t working, and you are looking to take your healing power back into your own hands, listen to your body, to heal yourself without potentially harmful interventions.

That is why I’ve created this space, to explore these options, to create conversation!

Interested in learning about a product that enhances cell communication, therefore cell health, that is 100% native to the body?
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Love and vibes,