Chakras, Soap Nuts, and Vibration.

What is my destiny? What is my souls purpose or calling?

These questions have plagued me and my spiritual journey!
I knew it should not cause me this kind of anxiety, frustration, and inner turmoil.

When you are first diving into this “woo-woo” realm of energy, healing, awakening, and spirituality, there is A LOT of information out there.
One can go into information overwhelm pretty quick, even if it is an exciting overwhelm!
Learning we are here for a divine purpose, it’s such a beautiful knowing.
Learning what our divine purpose is? This is where the adventure begins.

What is my destiny? What is my soul’s purpose or calling?

I will say this right here and now, you are not going to find the answer in ONE book, or in ONE course. If someone is telling (selling) you that, be leery. There is no one answer.
Trusting your intuition and discernment will be your best friends on this journey.

SO! Where do we begin?!

Follow the things that light you up!

I am hoping that this blog will give you insights, tips, and tools to embark on this nothing short of phenomenal and life-changing path.


There is no peer pressure in this space! (Crazy right?!)
If there is something that doesn’t get you all fired up, don’t feel like you have to look into it, because someone recommended it.
New information can take a lot of focus and thorough investigation to comprehend, and if you’re not passionate about learning and going through that, take that as a sign to find something else.
That topic will still be there for you to revisit at any anytime.

In my Human Design, I am a Manifesting Generator, and if you have not looked into your Human Design, I 100% percent recommend it. You thought your Sun Sign was right on?….Check this out.

Once it explained that some of my quirks were not necessarily negative traits to be overcome, but a DIVINE part of WHO I AM, my perspective changed drastically.
Which brought me here.

I am a jack of all trades personality, a get super excited by things, go with my gut, don’t always follow through to the end, speed read kind of personality.

I still don’t know my destiny, my calling, or my soul’s purpose.
I do know that every day I am getting closer to the bigger picture.
That everything I am doing is leading me to who I came here to be.

So, just for funsies and as a little introduction to some of the things that will probably be touched upon here in this space-here is a list of some

Astrology / Crystals / Numerology / Tarot / Pendulums / Soul Contracts / Birth Charts / Books / Human Design / Self-Healing / Organic Foods / Permaculture / Hiking and Camping / Angels / Psychic Abilities / Kabbalah / Essential Oils / Soap Nuts / Plants and Herbs / Homesteading / Aliens / Delores Cannon / Rituals / Hypnotherapy / Frequency Healing / Football / Sound Baths / Yoga / Vibration / Cellular Health / Pineal Gland / Wild/ Meditation / Books / Quantum Everything / Shadow Work / EFT / Travel / Breathwork / QiGong / Mantras / Dancing / Flowers / Art / Music / Sex /Chakras / Rick / Motherhood / Ayurveda / Gaia / Rhythms / Starseeds / Massage /Touch / Birds / Synchronicities / Cooking / Gardening / Family / Chocolate / Lavender / Tattoos / Stories of the past / Love / Community / Shifting Paradigms / Chanting/ Kundalini / Bach Flowers / Gods and Goddesses / Witchystuff / Money / Energy

Thank you for being here!
Sending love and vibes,

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