Exploring Bach Flowers

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Have you guys heard of the Bach Flower Remedies?!

Holy moly friends, I just learned about these recently and I went straight kid in a candy store! Not buying all the candy…but I quickly grabbed the ones which most spoke to me!

As I am posting this on Saturday, September 10th, which is the full moon, which is the day that I have actually told people about this blog, I have started taking my Bach flower remedy mix!

So I am going to give a brief overview of what the Bach Flower remedies are and then share the ones that I chose for myself and go a little more into those specific five.

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Dr. Edward Bach

Dr. Edward Bach was a British doctor who worked as a surgeon and practiced a lot of causality medicine during World War I.
He worked especially with bacteria, and vaccine therapy, and was a great success in his field. After researching immunology, he followed an interest in naturopathic medicine and he continued his practice for another ten years, following hunches and creating case studies on more holistic approaches.

In 1930, at age forty-three, Bach took to nature to find the plants that he believed would help to rebalance the emotional states that he had seen time and time again within the physical ailments of his patients.
Using his intuition, medical knowledge, trial and error, serious self-reflection, suffering, healing, and support of Nora Weeks, Dr. Bach’s assistant and friend, by 1934 he compiled the total of 38 Bach Flower remedies you can find today.

“Our work is steadfastly to adhere to the simplicity and purity of this method of healing; and when the next edition of The Twelve Healers becomes necessary we must have a longer introduction, firmly upholding the harmlessness, the simplicity, and the miraculous healing powers of the remedies.”

So what are they?

These remedies are the energetic signature of plant medicine, and it is with that frequency that they communicate with our energetic bodies.
Everything is frequency, my friends.

The Bach Flower Remedies work by subtly restoring balance to negative emotions i.e. stress, depression, and fear.
In Dr. Bach’s words: “Take no notice of the disease, think only of the outlook on life of the one in distress” in this present moment in time.

What’s important to note here is that these remedies are not claiming to treat or cure any specific disease or ailment.
They are used on emotions, and from that aspect open up a whole new realm of possibilities for self-healing.

For example, if you were going into surgery, you would most likely be feeling fear, there would be some trauma from the illness/injury, and maybe some anger or depression.
The Bach Flowers wouldn’t have anything to do with your surgery but instead would help to create a balanced emotional state in regard to the negative emotions surrounding the event.

They are broken into 7 emotional groupings :

Face Your Fears
Find Joy & Hope
Know Your Mind
Live & Let Live
Live The Day
Reach Out To Others
Stand Your Ground

Here is a list of all the 38 Bach Flower remedies, which will give you an idea of their properties and uses.

RemedyUsed to TreatEncourages
AgrimonyHiding troubles behind humour.Self-acceptance and inner joy.
AspenVague, unknown fears, terror or nightmares. Anxious but don’t know why.Trust in the unknown. Reassurance.
BeechBeech Bach FlowerIntolerant, over-critical perfectionists.See more good in the world.
CentauryCentuaryPeople who find it difficult to say no.Assertiveness, ability to follow one’s own path.
CeratoCeratoSelf-doubt and indecision. Seeking advice from others.Confidence in one’s own decisions.
Cherry Plum **Cherry PlumFear of losing control of mind, emotions or body; suicidal tendencies, temper tantrums.Mental calm.
Chestnut BudChestnut BudRepetition of mistakes and experiences; inability to learn from mistakes.Ability to learn from mistakes
ChicoryChicoryOver concern for others; possessiveness.Love and caring.
Clematis **ClematisDaydreaming, lack of concentration.Brings down to earth.
Crab AppleCrab AppleSelf-disgust, low self-esteem, a feeling of contamination.Self-acceptance.
ElmElmYou feel overwhelmed by your many responsibilities.Strength to perform.
GentianGentianEasily discouraged, dependent and self-doubtful, despondency from set back.Determination.
GorseGorseHopelessness, despair, given up hope.Renewed hope.
HeatherHeatherPreoccupied and concerned for self, talkative.Good listener; empathy. Tranquility.
HollyHollyPeople overcome by anger, jealousy, envy etc.Assertiveness, ability to follow one’s own path.
HoneysuckleHoneysuckleLiving in the past.Involvement in the present.
HornbeamHornbeamMonday morning feeling. You procrastinate.Renewed energy.
Impatiens **ImpatiensImpatient and irritated with the slow pace of others.Patience.
LarchLarchFeelings of inadequacy; lack of self-confidence.Confidence.
MimulusMinulus Bach FlowerFear of everyday things, illness, pain, accident or misfortune. Fearful or anxious about something specific.Bravery and courage.
MustardMustardInexplicable sadness, gloom and despair, like a black cloud. Don’t know why you feel that way.Clarity of thought.
OakOakThose who unrealistically never give up. Keep going when you need to rest.Admit limitations.
OliveOliveMental and physical exhaustion.More energy.
PinePineGuilt and self-blame.Relief of guilty feelings.
Red ChestnutRed ChestnutConcern or fear about welfare of others (particularly loved ones) that something unfortunate may happen.Rational concern, remain calm without anxiety.
Peace of mind.
Rock Rose **Rock RoseFright, panic attacks, terror, hysteria. Extreme terror.Courage/calm state of mind & put things into perspective.
Rock WaterRock WaterStrictness and self-denial.Understanding.
ScleranthusScleranthusIndecision, mood swings, tend not to discuss with others.Quick decisions with no dilemmas.
Star of Bethlehem **Star of BethlehemDistress and unhappiness due to shock or trauma (timeless).Comfort and consolation.
Sweet ChestnutSweet ChestnutAnguish; those at the end of their endurance.Optimism and peace of mind.
VervainVervainPeople with fixed opinions; need to convert those around them, over enthusiastic.Peace and tranquility.
VineVinePeople who always think they are right and can be directional and overbearing.Patient leader.
WalnutWalnutUnable to break links with the past (transitions in life), and easily influenced.Protection from change and outside influences.
Water VioletWater VioletProud and aloof. Like your own company but sometimes feel lonely.Calm, serene and more approachable.
White ChestnutWhite ChestnutObsessive and worrying thoughts that seem impossible to control.Peace of mind and tranquility.
Wild OatWild OatDissatisfaction, indecision, uncertainty as to correct path in life.Purposefulness and decisiveness.
Wild RoseWild RoseResigned; apathetic. Disinterested.Spirit of joy.
WillowWillowResentful, self-pity and bitterness.Ability to forgive and forget.  Back in control.
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There are quite a few books written on the subject, such as Bach Flower Remedies and The Bach Flower Remedies: Step by Step: A Complete Guide to Selecting and Using the Remedies which are the two I have been using as I start this adventure, paired with YouTube videos.

Getting Personal: My first 5 remedies

You can use each remedy by itself, taking two drops on the tongue or in a glass of water to be sipped on, or create your own personal blend using a combination of up to seven remedies.

I have chosen to make a personal blend of the first 5 that I chose.
And wow, I cannot wait to get a full kit!
This is such a special modality of healing, working with the subtle and emotional body, the vibrational essences of flowers!
Honestly, how beautiful is this.

These are my first 5! Yes, this is my desk.

I purchased my remedies of iHerb.com, which is a site I highly recommend for natural supplements and products that you are specifically looking for.
They offer a huge range of products, not all safe and natural, but I have purchased many different products from them and I will tell you, the shipping is almost as fast as Amazon!
We all use Amazon, I just try not to support them as much as possible, which is why I love iHerb.com.

Anywhooo. First five!

Holly, Larch, Star of Bethlehem, Wild Oat, and Wild Rose.

Here is my TikTok video of me blending my batch! Okay, it is one of my videos because the idea in my head didn’t cooperate with my technology skills…follow me on TikTok for the other one.

What do I hope to achieve?

Honestly, I am going into this with an open mind and open heart.
I trust the frequency, I believe in the vibration.

By incorporating this into my daily practice for three to four weeks, and keeping note of my emotions and reactions I believe it is another beautiful tool to keep me evolving and aligning with my higher self.

All these are tools, they are all adjacent helpers to the self-healing that we are pursuing. Physical, emotional, and spiritual.

I intend to delve deeper into each of the 7 groups and the remedies within them so keep an eye out for those posts!
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Let me know in the comments or reach out if you have Bach Flower stories, I would love to hear them!

Love and vibes,

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