Flower Agate: History, Associations, and Uses

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Tuesdays are one of my favorite days.
Could not tell you why.
Maybe it’s the sound of the word, maybe because it’s just nestled so quietly and contently between Monday and Wednesday.

According to Livescience.comTuesday comes from Old English “Tīwesdæg,” after Tiw, or Tyr, a one-handed Norse god of dueling. He is equated with Mars, the Roman war god.”

So that’s neat.
This is one of my favorite Tuesday songs

I seem to always have a good day on Tuesdays.
This is why Tuesday (every other) will be dedicated to crystals!
There will be other articles related to crystals and their healing properties, and I will use this space for sharing crystals that are in my personal collection!


Flower Agate

This is one of my newest additions and wow, it really produces this feeling of heart-centeredness.

Flower Agate is a type of Agate with opaque Chalcedony inclusions that resemble tiny floral formations. This mineral is a recent find (2018) out of Madagascar and has only been seen crystallized in the form of masses. It’s usually found in a light pink color with white “flower” inclusions.

Meaning & Energy

Chakras: Root, Heart
Planets: Earth, Venus
Zodiac: Virgo
Element- Earth

(When you do your own research, you will see that those are not constant on every one’s description, however, they were the most consistent I found.)

Flower Agate helps one bridge the gap between emotions and reality by activating and connecting our heart and root chakras together.
By releasing the constraints we sometimes unknowingly place upon ourselves, we are able to reignite the ever-lasting love that we all have the ability to release. This pure, undeniably affectionate energy is a direct result of working with Flower Agate.

This stone helps to empower those who are starting a new endeavor in their life.
A great analogy is to describe the energy as “from seed to blossom” as it helps one to grow and reach their full potential.
This stone fosters:

  • Self-growth
  • Builds self-confidence to help you pursue your dreams and reach your goals
  • Fosters empathy
  • Promotes spontaneity and joy
  • Promotes calmness, comfort, and grounding

Crystal info sources: Crystalcouncil.com, Sweethoneylife.com

The particular weight and size of this crystal is exactly what I need, I’ve just been staring into it, looking at the beautiful patterns, and gazing in wonder into the druzy hole.

I purchased this from our local crystal shop, Constellate, here in North Carolina.
She isn’t doing online sales, but if you follow her on Facebook or Instagram @constellate-nc
She has started doing live sales!
Her prices and products are amazing, and she is a gem of a human.

The website RockParadise also has some gorgeos palm stones and pendants to wear as a necklace!

That’s the first crystal Tuesday!
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Stay lovely.

Love and vibes,

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