Tapping into Torus Energy Via Zero Point Using The Healy Coil

 This is a topic that I think one could have an entire blog dedicated to, and there is so much growing science around these subjects!
Here we are going to get into the jist, the goal is for you and me to have a basic understanding of these powerful fields, how we can use the awareness of their existence to relate to the world around us, and also how Healy connects using the wireless coil attachment.

I’m ready.

What Is The Torus Field?

Torus comes from the Latin word torus: “a swelling, bulge, knot; cushion, couch.”
It looks like a donut, or an inner tube.

The image above portrays the torus field as an electromagnetic energy field around our body, but ohh it is so much more than that.

According to Nassim Haramein, a world leader in Unified Physics and the founder of the Resonance Science Foundation, “The torus is the fundamental energy-flow field-patterning in the universe at all scales, from the proton to the atom to the electromagnetic field of planets, stars, galaxies and even the universe itself..”

This electromagnetic field is in everything. Atoms, cells, seeds, plants, animals, humans, fire, hurricanes, icebergs, comets, planets, galaxies, EVERYTHING.
The torus field is self-sustaining, a life force energy that flows infinitely in all directions, dispersing energy up, down, and around.

Scientist and philosopher, Arthur Young, explained that a torus is the only energy pattern or dynamic that can sustain itself and is made out of the same substance as its surroundings.
He states “The self in a toroidal Universe can be both separate and connected with everything else.”

“The self in a toroidal Universe can be both separate and connected with everything else.”

I find that such a powerful statement. We are all parts, but we are all connected. We are the microcosm and the macrocosm and it is in a torus spiral that everything is organized.

Let’s take our toroidal system, if you look at it, it is a closed system, however, the opening allows for both information/energy to flow in, and to flow out. This is how we are connected to everything, this is our personal portal to the quantum vacuum, where every possibility and reality exists.


Energy Of The Human Heart

Our heart is our true center. It is our life force. It is our engine. It is what drives us to be who we really are. It is the center of our electromagnetic field.

The heart’s magnetic field is the strongest field in the body and can be measured outwards for up to ten feet. This is so important to understand as it is the reason that we can FEEL other people. It’s how you know someone is hurting or scared, excited, or about to burst with a secret! Our energetic bubble radiates out from us and connects with every other energetic bubble.

Compared to the brain, the heart gives out an electrical signal that is 60 times greater in amplitude, and the magnetic field is 100 times greater in strength! The brain is a powerful and beautiful thing my friends, but the heart can continue beating after the brain has shut down.

The Heart Math Institute is doing so much incredible work on the heart, the electromagnetic fields, and coherence, which will be a topic for another day. Highly recommend checking out their website.

Our heart is the center of our torus field, it is where all the energy enters into and flows out of. It is from the heart plane, that we will find the Zero-Point Field.


The Zero Point Field

The Zero Point Energy (ZPE) field is an extreme quantum subject, I am going to portray just a nugget of information that we can take away and have a basic understanding of this powerful force of nature.

The ZPE has been studied, both theoretically and experimentally, since the discovery of quantum mechanics in the 1920s and there can be no doubt that the ZPE is a real physical effect.
Zero-point energy is the vibrational energy that molecules hold on to, even at a temperature of absolute zero. It is the measurement of the temperature absolute zero, 0 kelvin or -273 degrees Celcius, that is referred to as the “Zero.”
Temperature is an example of the intensity of molecular motion, and so if the motion was to slow down to zero, then we would be able to pinpoint the exact location and velocity (0) of the atoms that make up that molecule.

The twister here is we cannot. The atoms do not stop, even at absolute zero.
There is no space and time in the zero-point field.
What does this mean?

It means there is a vacuum at that center point, and the energy contained within it is limitless.
This is what Nikola Tesla was working with around his idea for free energy.
One of Tesla’s most extraordinary experiments was to transmit electrical power over long distances without wires or cables — a demonstration that has baffled scientists ever since.

Zero Point Energy In Spirituality

The ZPE in regard to a more spiritual outlook is simply the collective consciousness.
It is where we are all connected, regardless of space or time!

This is also where all matter begins, from this space of infinite possibilities. It is by using techniques such as deep meditation to enter this ZPE field, that “miraculous” healings can occur. You are entering a realm with a specific intention, your brain will pull information and specific frequencies from the field, and your body synchronizes with that information, and can literally restore homeostasis within the body.

Think about how the placebo effect or manifestation works….exactly by this. We believe something to be true to the point that we are a vibrational match, and just like magic, what we believed to be true, actually is true.
While it is certainly a magical force, it is a force that we are all a part of, we all hold this magic within our DNA.

Sometimes, however, it does help to have a magic wand.

Healy Coil, The Magic Wand

The ability to make the incredible effects of the Healy available without having to wear the microcurrent-delivering wristbands is a game changer.
Don’t get me wrong, the microcurrent’s benefits are staggering, I go over how that technology basically works in my post-Microcurent Magic, and I still use the wristbands on a daily basis.
The coil, however, has allowed me the freedom to use my Healy more often, and on my almost two-year-old son, my pets, and other family members.

The coil works by creating its own energy bubble, in which two opposing magnetic
fields cancel each other out, with the magnetic quantum potential nevertheless remaining unchanged (the Aharanov-Bohm effect).
That quantum potential is our friend the zero-point field.
In this way, frequencies can be transmitted via Quantum Potential Fields without using the cables; pure information is vibrating and being radiated out.
The Quantum Potential Frequencies are able to resonate with biological beings without the need for physical energy transfer.

To make it a little more simple, the Healy Coil is taking the microcurrent flow and converts it into magnetic energy. The current runs from the Healy through two coils within the attachment (hence the name coil) which are set up in a specific way, with a 180-degree difference, to create the field in the image shown above.

Our body is a natural antenna, we are a conductor of magnetic energy, as proven through the torus field, and the insane power of the heart!
The radius of energy that the coil emits is most effective within a three-foot diameter range, that is where the effect is most potent. However, since the energy is ultimately resonating from the ZPE field, the ripples are endless. Think of that butterfly flapping its wings to create a hurricane.
Using the Healy coil, you are putting whatever frequencies of the program you choose, out into the world. To be received by the collective.

How beautiful and powerful is that.

To learn more about the Healy Device, and how it is not only the future as a personal health care device but how it can support you and your loved ones on all levels of the energetic being, visit my page Frequency Healing With Healy.
Better yet, reach out! I would love to connect, provide further information, and answer any burning questions!

Love and vibes,

The content displayed by the HealAdvisor App does not constitute medical advice, which can only be provided by a medical professional. The Individualized Microcurrent Frequency Healy programs are intended solely for harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field. If you have or suspect you may have a medical condition, or if you are under the care of a healthcare professional, you should consult your practitioner before following these recommendations. Any personal data you upload to the HealAdvisor Cloud is encrypted to protect your privacy.

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