An Intro To Sacred Geometry & Platonic Solids

I’m feeling a little frisky fitting all these large topics into these small posts! Hah.
My goal here is to not only educate you as the reader but to take the opportunity to dive into topics that I believe are fascinating.

Sacred Geometry is one of those topics.

Since we recently went over the Torus Field in my post Tapping into Torus Energy Via Zero Point Using The Healy Coil, my brain was geared towards looking at the shapes within sacred geometry.

In this post, we will look at the foundational shapes known as the Platonic Solids.
First, however, let’s make a formal introduction.

What Is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of life itself. Bold statement I know.
It is an ancient science that explores the patterns of energy throughout the Universe, and it is through these mathematical equations that the foundations of everything are built.

Sacred geometry differs from regular geometry because it is not only the study of the shapes and patterns and math, it is the study of how these symbols are portals into communications with the Divine.
I’m going to take a direct quote from an article on, because the way it’s written just speaks volumes.

“It is believed that the ancients considered that the experience of Sacred Geometry was essential to the education of the soul. They knew that these patterns and codes were symbolic of our own inner realm and were significant to higher consciousness and self-awareness. Sacred geometry amplifies our connection to spirit, and creates harmony within ourselves, and between ourselves and the outside world. It is often called “sacred architecture” because it underlies everything and is woven into the fabric of all creation.”


Sacred Geometry Foundation

Before we can jump into the Plutonic Solids, we have to first give a quick mention of the shapes in their most simple, yet significant two-dimensional forms.

Triangle– I love the triangle! (If you see my signature on every blog post, hehe). The triangle is like the OG, as it is the base for many of the other shapes. The triangle symbolizes balance, harmony, and completion. Mandorlas, triquetras, and the Sri Yantra are powerful applications of the triangle.

Circle– Pretty circles. Circles are eternal, circles are all-encompassing. In sacred geometry, the circle is the shape that all shapes are derived. It represents wholeness and unity. Powerful circles include the basic mandorla (overlapping circles), the sun and moon, and the circle of life.

Square– Be a square! Squares embody and transmit practicality, strong foundations, order, and reliability. Squares are the base of pyramids and are often paired with triangles for a powerful sacred combo. It is generally associated with the human body, windows and portals, and the earth plane.

Spiral– When I see this spiral I often think of the cartoon effect for being hypnotized, hah. The spiral’s power and beauty are definitely mesmerizing especially when it can be found in nature, DNA, the chakras, and ultimately the patterning of the Universe. Better known as The Golden Ratio or Fibonacci sequence, the spiral is mathematical brilliance.

Cross– The cross is largely associated with “where heaven and earth meet”, with their union being mankind. The cross is found within many of the more complex geometrical shapes and reinforces stability, while also offering guidance and protection.

Platonic Solids Brief History

Sacred geometry origins have been traced back to around 2000 BCE–1001 BCE in Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. Most of the ancient cultures were aware of these sacred shapes and the numerical calculations, including the Celtics, Knights Templar, Druids, Mayans, Hopi, etc.
This is an image of artifacts found in Scotland, estimated to be from around 2000 BC!

Image Source

It is said that the Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, went to Egypt and studied with the Egyptians, and then brought back this knowledge of sacred geometry. It is here that it expanded as Pythagoreanism teachings spread throughout the area. It was his work that influenced Plato, and his concept of harmony and the Platonic solids has been discussed extensively.

The Elements Within Platonic Solids

Ohhh now we are getting into the goods! In case you were wondering, the term Platonic comes from Plato, not a relationship that is intimate and affectionate but not sexual.
The Platonic Solids are a series of 5 unique shapes; the ONLY perfectly symmetrical 3-dimension forms possible. Each one is associated with one of the five elements, which I absolutely love because it makes total sense that the building blocks of the Universe correlate with other known foundational materials of the Universe.
Let’s start with an image!


The first of the Platonic solids, the Tetrahedron is a key to facilitating the balance and stability required as we embark on our sacred spiritual journey. No matter which side you face it on, they are all equal and all able to function as the base of this shape.
This is the most stable of the geometric forms with four faces, four vertices, and six edges.

“Within it (tetrahedron) lies the energy that holds all life together. The bonds that hold atoms, particles, and molecules together, all the way down to nanoparticles and all the way up to macroparticles, are tetrahedral. Everything that exists as you conceive of it in a 3-dimensional world, is held together by these tetrahedral bonds.”
Buckminster Fuller

Since this shape is associated with the fire element we will see each point embodies a component of fire, the base points being heat, oxygen, and fuel, which all are required to ignite the apex, the fourth point, which is the flame.

The tetrahedron offers protection from dark energy and aids in connecting to the higher realms and manifestation. It helps us to operate from our higher shelves, set solid foundations, and establish spiritual connections and partnerships.
The sacral chakra is associated with the tetrahedron, as that is where our personal fire burns. One will generally see the Star Tetrahedron, also known as the Merkaba.


The lovely cube is correlated with Mother Nature herself, due to the fact it is stable and represents grounding by sitting flat on its side, in one spot.
It has six identical sides, eight vertices, and twelve edges.

“The earth is what we all have in common.” – Wendell Berry 

Earth is the element associated here, and the cube represents material and physical things on this third-dimensional plane of life.
It will help to use the cube for practices related to stability, safety, survival, and protection, as the four corners aid to ward off negative energies.
It is no surprise that it is representative of the root chakra, the foundation of our lower and most physical chakra.

Working with the cube can provide focus and relieve tension in our bodies. It will cultivate an appreciation for the magnificent being that we are, reminding us of the deep connection to the earth and all the elements we have here to support us in this beautiful journey of life.


The octahedron is made up of two tetrahedrons, connected at the base, for a total of 8 triangular faces, 6 vertices, and 12 edges. While I was reading up on these sacred shapes, I fell in love with the octahedron.
Air is the corresponding element, and I happen to be an air sign(Aquarius). The Greeks thought of these dual pyramids as representing the Aer(air), atmosphere, here on Earth, which we all need to survive, paired with the Aether, the atmosphere of the cosmos.

This incredible shape helps us to accept ourselves for who we truly are, to express ourselves through our truth, to live our truth, and be free from the limiting reins of judgment.

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart: I am, I am, I am.” Sylvia Plath

Being associated with the throat chakra further powers this shape, and it also correlates with the heart chakra, as it empowers us to open our hearts and to freely explore and express our being. The octahedron symbolizes universal love and is a powerful tool for healing.


This word tickles my tongue, don’t ask me why, some words just take a fancy too.
Pronounced “ai·kow·suh·hee·druhn”, or “ai·ko·suh·hee·druhn”. Either way.
This complicated and lovely geometric shape has 12 triangular faces, 20 vertices, and 30 edges. Here is a nifty picture to get a better look.

Divide the icosahedron

The icosahedron has the ability to enhance our creative processes, to stir up the ideas and emotions associated with attaining higher levels of consciousness. Being symbolic of the water element it opens up our internal channels, creating space for the flow of energy, the flow of qi.
Water is also a powerful transformative force, an element of cleansing for that which does not serve and bringing life to the seeds of change we have planted.

“We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.”
— Jacques Yves Cousteau

Flowing water and flowing creativity must give an indication that this seemingly chaotic shape represents the sacral chakra. It is from the chaos that we were all born, and water on this earth plane takes so many forms, I believe this sacred geometrical shape is an absolute perfect gatekeeper for diving into authentic and fluid versions of ourselves.


Being that all things are energy and vibration, I would just like to ask what it is you FEEL when you say this word out loud? How are you saying it? Take notice of any musings or stirrings that come up.
For me, I feel a deep rumble as I am about to say the word, yet it comes out of my mouth with a soft tone and a resonating curiosity.
The dodecahedron has 20 pentagonal faces, 12 vertices, and 30 edges.

This sacred geometrical shape was a favorite of Pluto who actually used it as a basis for the Zodiac signs. It was Aristotle who donned it with the correlating element of aether. Aether (or ether) is “the clear sky; the upper regions of air beyond the clouds.” It is also referred to as spirit, the divine will, and thoughts.
The vibration of this shape reveals to us the vibration of everything, the potential for our reality, and the affirmation that we are the creators.

“It is said that wisdom lies not in seeing things, but in seeing through things.”
-Manly P. Hall

The dodecahedron relates to the third eye chakra. Our center of discernment and where our intuition comes to life. Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
Mark Twain also had a parallel quote I’ve always enjoyed Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.

Using our third eye and the influence of the dodecahedron, we come to realize that our possibilities are far more expansive than we can perceive them to be and that by continuing to question, evolve, and accept that radicalness of infinite possibilities, we will truly reach our highest potential.


While the sphere isn’t included in the 5 Platonic solids, it has a seat at the table. The sphere encompasses all shapes and is associated with the element of light. It is a representation of the crown chakra, and it harnesses the power of Source energy, Divine truth, and the collective consciousness.


Healing Uses For Sacred Geometry

You didn’t think I would leave out practical uses to harness the power and potential of these magnificent shapes, did you?! Okay good, keep reading.

Since coloring books have made a comeback, you can find INCREDIBLE sacred geometry coloring books, and this is one of my favorite healing uses. What is so powerful about these shapes and patterns is that you don’t necessarily have to be cognizant of them for the magic to happen. Set an intention before you start the creative flow that you would like to absorb the power of sacred geometry, that you are open to the vibrational power within, and then just settle into the process and let what comes up, come up.

Visualization meditations are probably one of the radically potent methods of incorporating sacred geometry, and you can find plenty of them on the YouTube, or you can create your own just by visualizing the shapes over the energy centers in your body.

“ For every chakra, a sacred shape. For every sacred shape, a powerful vibration. ”
~ Sheetal Rajan

Crystal grids are a popular form of sacred geometry ritual. Especially in relation to the Flower of Life and the Merkaba. Each shape/element will have a crystal that is relevant as well, so you can do some searching for those associations or just go with your intuition and what you need as far as crystal support.

Sacred Geometry is ancient, esoteric knowledge that is resurfacing again-coming to light at a time when we as a collective are ready to receive and utilize. Just your awareness has the power to shift your consciousness, and by incorporating this sacred tool into your practices, you will catapult yourself into the beautiful space of remembering.

Love and vibes,

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