Holistic Health For Fall, With Healy

There is so much wisdom in our bodies and in nature, it honestly just blows my mind when I discover and start to delve into things.

Where I’m at in the world, it has officially transitioned into fall-the leaves changing into their vibrant orange, reds, and yellows, the morning and evening temperatures have dropped to be refreshingly chilly, and the world has finally seemed to start spinning a little slower after the summer and late summer excitement.

With these outer changes, come inner changes, come ways to treat ourselves, and things to pay attention to within this beautiful human vessel.
In this article, we are going to explore and honor Autumn as it relates to our physical, emotional, and energetic body, along with tools and tips to support us in this beautiful season of change and preparation.

Metal, The Autumn Element

First, we are going to touch on the element associated with the fall season, as it ties into so many of the other aspects, I think it’s best to give it an introduction now.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 5 elements that makeup everything in our Universe: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Metal can also be associated with Air in the more traditional elements, but metal just seems to fit better here.

Metal is a powerful element used to cut through the ties of things we are holding onto, that we need to let go. It empowers us to create change, to undergo a process of purification. Metal governs organization, order, communication, the mind, setting limits, and protecting boundaries. Think of metal as a sword and shield, properly wielded can not only protect us but propel us forward. However, if we do not care for our tools, they can dull and become blockages, weighing us down with grief and sadness.

Precious metals provide value within the Earth, and the same goes for us. Having a balanced metal element will bring an authentic sense of self-worth, a knowing that you are so incredibly special and important in the web of the cosmos. Having an out-of-balance metal element will cause you to feel lack, to feel less than, and create a search for things outside of yourself to fill the void of your being.

Autumn Organs and Meridian Lines

Lungs (Yin)

The lung is basically the origin point of Qi (chi, prana) life force energy within our bodies. It begins with the breath, bringing in that fresh flow of universal energy into our body. As we continue to inhale and exhale we are pumping that life force through our meridians, with the goal being to have that qi flow freely and effortlessly through our system.
Think of times that you hold your breath, are crying, are short of breath, or are breathing rapidly. These patterns affect the rhythm of qi flow throughout the body. And while all these things are perfectly normal and can easily be brought back into homeostasis, it is when they are not addressed, especially on an emotional level they can become chronic tendencies and we begin to see physical issues with the lungs.

Fall is the beginning of the Yin cycle of the year, yin being more passive and cool, restorative and earthy. The lungs are considered to be a tender organ as they are on the top half of the body and have direct channels to the outside elements. They are more susceptible to cold, dryness, and the wind.
During the transition from summer to fall, the qi can be slightly unstable, which is why people tend to get sick, get coughs, or get easily run down during this time.

The lungs not only bring in the fresh qi, but they also help us to release the used qi, the stagnant qi. Think of the trees, at this time of year the colors are bursting their beautiful hues as one last hoorah before they all fall off.
The trees are not going to hold onto and nourish those leaves, they need to shed them so that they have the energy and nourishment to survive the winter and then grow new leaves come spring.

If you haven’t noticed, letting go of what no longer serves is an integral theme throughout this season.

Large Intestine (Yang)

The large intestine is 5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 2 meters) long, all wrapped up there in your body. It has a special kind of muscle that squeezes and relaxes in a wavelike motion. Since the theme here is letting go of that which no longer serves…this is exactly the function that the large intestine was designed for!

The large intestine, or colon, is a powerhouse for clearing out waste, and while this seems obvious given its function, it is not just on a physical level. It is responsible for processing the used qi and energetic waste from the other organs, so we do not carry that weight, that sludge, that unnecessary load in our system.

Being the Yang organ, it is the one in charge of taking action, harnessing the masculine energy of getting things done. The colon is the one that decides what stays, and what passes through.
During the autumn time, some people will have a tendency to get rid of things, to go through those closets and drawers, especially since they have to make room for the winter articles, which we all know to take up more space in the closet!

Autumn Emotions

I found this poem, by a popular Romanian poet, Nichita Stanescu, and I believe it is a great way to introduce Autumn’s emotions. This poem both represents the sadness that follows the joyful summer, and also the courage to love oneself through it.


Think about how it feels to let something go. Think of something you have been holding onto, why is there resistance?
These are things that most likely at one time brought so much joy into your life, it had a hand in making you who you are today.
According to Chinese medicine, the sound associated with autumn is weeping.

But everything changes. Things are not forever. If we held on to everything that at one point made us happy, there would be no room for new things to bring us joy.
This is autumn. This is the season of change and letting go, and making space.
There are certainly some instances where we are more than ready to let something go, kick it to the curb, or throw it in the trash. However, for most situations, reflection is required, hard conversations are had, relapses occur, and the grief can be overwhelming.
All of that is okay.
The beauty of the process is that it is not perfect, it’s supposed to be ugly and messy because that’s how life is sometimes. Accept the sadness and what it means to you, we are not human without feeling sadness or grief.

Then let it go. The sadness that comes up cannot stay forever either. If you hold on to that grief, you will see detrimental effects on your health, particularly the lungs, especially during the time of year as they are most susceptible if not cared for.

When you let go of the sadness, you make space for courage.


The Webster Dictionary definition of courage is:
“the ability to do something that frightens one”, “strength in the face of pain or grief”.

That is a pretty solid definition, but to really drive home what courage is, I’m going to include some other quotes on courage.

Courage is taking risks, and courage is self-reliance.
I believe courage is a quality that not only allows us to make big leaps but also to make the decision to stay still. We can show courage in our autumn season by having the courage to show our sadness, express our needs, rest, and be comfortable.

Courage is the balance of sadness.
Courage is what allows us to keep moving forward, by leaving behind that weight.

How Healy Supports Your Autumn

The ways in which the Healy device supports the entire being is truly so remarkable, and something which I am so passionate about. Bringing into focus the elements pertaining to the autumn cycle and the different levels on which it can help in harmonizing this fall transition, I want to talk about a variety of specific programs.

The first two are within the Bioenergetic Harmony programs, and they are the Intestines and Lungs. These programs are here to support the physical organ and to provide frequencies that repair, restore, and revitalize any imbalances you may have.
Running these programs throughout the season will help to ward off any potential weakness, even if you aren’t feeling under the weather, and help them both function at more optimal levels. While I say that they support the physical organ, and that is true, an organ cannot be impacted on a physical level without a direct effect on the energetic body as well. Running these programs may bring to the surface feelings of sadness and grief that need to be dealt with, they will also provide the courage to work through those emotions.

The second two are in the Meridian Programs, and they are the specific Large Intestine Meridian and the Lung Meridian. While it may seem redundant to have these programs listed again as meridians, there is, of course, a purpose. The goal of providing harmonization of the whole meridian line serves to further aid in clearing out the stagnation, the energy that may be stuck within different parts on that pathway. You may have tenderness in the wrist that is caused by holding onto a past experience, one that is associated with pain and grief, an experience you may not even consciously remember. When running the Lung Meridian program, it is helping to gently push that through. This does not mean that you will be overcome with grief or remember some past trauma, while that may surface, it may also just dissolve. You may realize that the tension is gone, that you feel lighter, even if not being able to pinpoint anything that you were holding onto.

The next two have to do with releasing that which does not serve! Hehe.
Number one is under the Gold Programs, and that is Release. This program is magic, honestly. Releasing stress, releasing old patterns, releasing past trauma, releasing that which holds us back! I recommend this program almost daily if you are going through hard times, and a couple times a week regardless.
Number two is one that I just recently learned about, and it makes all the sense. It is under the Fitness Programs and it is called Weight. I haven’t yet used this program as I just had the thought that it was for weight loss, and while I may need to do that, it isn’t a primary focus. However, if you think of weight, think of things weighing us down, not only physically but also energetically. The bundle of frequencies within this program is not just designed for our physical body, Healy takes a whole human holistic approach. I am going to start implementing this program to help shed the weight of my fears, the weight of my burdens, and the stagnant weight that I no longer want to carry!

This last one is new. This last one is radical.
This program comes through the Resonance App, where the frequencies are sent not through the wires or the coil, but through the quantum field. The reason it is here is that it is going to first scan your bioenergetic field, to determine which particular set is right for you, at this exact moment in time.
This new category is called COURAGE.

Within this incredible folder are 152 ways that we can show/need a boost in showing courage. This image took me forever to make guys, but they are all there.
Some of these caught me off guard, but sitting with them for a moment, absolutely makes sense. When running this scan, it will pull the top five most relevant for you at that moment, and I’ve only run it a few times now, but man it knows how to hit the nail on the head.
I will say as well that even if it doesn’t hit the nail on the head from my perspective, what it does is it gets the hammer swinging, brings awareness to my mind, and ultimately I realize what it was recognizing within my own psyche.

If this is the first you are hearing of Healy, and want to know more, please check out my page Frequency Healing with Healy, or reach out by sending me an email, mention this post and I will run a free Courage scan, as well as two other programs of your choice!

Integrating Autumn Into Daily Ritual

For many of us, fall is our favorite time of year! Cooling temperatures, sweaters, pumpkin spice, apple pie, Thanksgiving, and the list goes on.
Delight in those things as well!

Here are a few things you can do to support your fall health and well-being:

+ Wear scarves, even light ones to keep the neck protected, as the neck is the gatekeeper for the lungs, and it is the dry cool air that can get us ill.
+ Practice Qigong to keep your qi flowing smoothly, you can find great videos on YouTube specifically for fall. In my post The Power of Qigong, I include my favorite online teachers.
+ Consume pungent spices, ‘yin’ calming and warm foods. Also incorporating seasonal yellow and red foods to support your sacral chakra and take in their vibrancy and energy.
+ Diffuse essential oils to support your whole home. Wild Orange, Frankincense, Cinnamon Bark, Clove, and Eucalyptus are a few great for the season.
+ Drink plenty of water! Preferably room temperature.
+ Journal. You can write in fall colors even! It is an important time to reflect, and writing is an incredible tool to slow down our brains and to go within. Take note of things you are carrying, and what you need to let go.
+ Get outside. Appreciate the beauty of this season of change.
+ Love yourself where you are.

Autumn is a time of reflection, a time to be mindful and attentive to ourselves and our lives. It is a reminder that change is a constant in our lives, and preservation is a priority. This is a season to allow yourself the comfort of the things that nourish you while letting go of the things that do not serve.

You are so incredible.

Love and vibes,

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