Rose Quartz: History, Associations, and Uses

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“The rose speaks of love silently, a language known only to the heart” -Author Unknown.

This beautiful statement is a gateway to the incredible energy within the Rose Quartz crystal. The rose is associated with love and romance, and our crystal today vibrates with the same frequency of self-love and feminine power.
I bought my first tower earlier this year, and it has been such a source of joy, compassion, and reassurance. Something about the weight of it, how it feels in my hand. If ya’ll don’t have a tower, a highly recommend purchasing one of your favorite crystals.

If everyone could intentionally hold a bit of rose quartz in their pocket, the world would soon be shifted out of the state it is in, and into a realm of abundance, pure love, self-confidence and responsibility, and overall harmony.


History and Geography

Rose Quartz is found in Madagascar, Brazil, India, the United States, and many other places. It is said that the Rose Quartz that comes out of Madagascar is to be the highest vibrational stone and the deepest in color.

Rose quartz has been around as early as 7000 BC  in the area once known as Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq). Ancient Roman, Egyptian, and Greek civilizations had their own love affairs with this incredible stone, using it for talismans for protection and the Egyptians believed it helped with anti-aging!

I had the opportunity to visit Greece with my son this summer, and every time I learn something more about the ancient Greeks I fall more in love and have a deeper appreciation for my visit.
In regards to the rose quartz crystal, there are two stories within Greek mythology that demonstrate how powerful and important this stone was. I’m going to include these from


In a classic myth about love and reconciliation, Adonis, god of plants and rebirth, found himself entangled in a love story with Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, who could not bear to be apart from her mortal lover. Her obsession with Adonis enraged her past lover, Ares, god of war, so much so that he sought every opportunity to exact revenge on Adonis for stealing her devotion away from him.

In the form of a wild boar in the forest, Ares set out to mortally wound his rival. His actions and Adonis’ resulting screams caught the desperate attention of Aphrodite, who, in rushing down from heaven to save him, cut herself on a briar bush.

Aphrodite held a dying Adonis in her arms and their blood combined to form anemones in the ground and Rose Quartz gemstones after it stained the white quartz pink. The fusion of their blood led Zeus to show his compassion as he brought Adonis back to Aphrodite for six months a year, leading the Love Stone, Rose Quartz, to become the central symbol of reconciliation and undying love.


Rose Quartz was also part of Eros’ story as the god of desire, love and attraction, who is perhaps the most instantly recognisable character in all mythology – he was known as Cupid to the Romans.

The myth goes that he brought the pink gemstone down from the heavens (Olympus) to spread love and romance around the mortal world, for it was the Love Stone itself. The romantic qualities of the beautiful pink hue to the stone were thought so powerful that they would inspire love in humankind.

Composition and Colors

Rose quartz can range from a very light, almost clear, to a dark pink that looks almost purple, which is really spectacular but not to be confused with amethyst. Most rose quartz that you will find will be a variety of blush shades of pink.
It is most commonly found in masses, druses, granular structures, grains, veins, and rarely as divine crystal structures.

This hue of passion is created by trace amounts of titanium, iron, or manganese, in the material.


Rose Quartz is especially powerful in relation to the heart chakra, and also lends its vibrational qualities to the throat chakra.
I find this stone to actually help with all the chakras, as it provides a sense of calm, high vibrational love, and balance in whichever chakra you need it for.

Venus is the ruling planet for this crystal, as well as for the sign of the Taurus. Since Venus is the planet most aligned with themes of beauty, love, hedonism, and comforts of the heart- it perfectly encapsulates the meaning of the stone.

It is also a birthstone for the Libra’s who are all about balance, and as stated above, balance is right up rose quartz alley.

Healing Properties

Oooh let’s get into the good stuff!
I’ve never really been much of a pink person, such a tomboy in my younger years, and definitely spent more in my masculine throughout my twenties. Now in my thirties, I am finding my flow, embracing my softer side, and appreciating the gorgeous shades of pink.

This is truly a stone that has enhanced my life since getting my first tower. When I’m feeling low, in meditation, in ritual baths, all of it, best believe my rose quartz is in my hand or by my side.

Physical Healing

Diving into the physical healing aspects of these crystals is so fascinating to me, because we tend to hear mostly about the emotional and metaphysical properties when it comes to the incredible assistance of these gems.
The healing powers of crystals come from their specific frequencies, the vibrational magic that they hold within.

Rose quartz can be a powerful cellular enhancer, aiding to clear fluid from the cells and promoting the release of impurities and toxins. It has been used for the treatment of vertigo, and disorders of the kidney and adrenal glands, and used to heal burns, especially ones that have may start to blister.

The Egyptians used it for its anti-aging properties, and that’s also why it is a popular stone you will find on those face rollers. It is said to reduce wrinkles, clear the skin, and provide the wearer with a soft and smooth complexion.
When placed on the thymus gland, it provides a calming effect on the lungs and the bronchial tracts, helping to decrease coughs and enhance breathing.

Because this crystal has such powerful calming properties, one can wear it or place it near themselves when they are rocking or nursing their child, to help reinforce that motherly bond and soothe upset related to colic or nursing!
My son loves to grab this stone and walk around the house with it. It’s so cute.

Emotional Support

Love in all its forms! Self-love, relational love, sexual love, world love, all-encompassing and permeating love. As I’d mentioned before this is my go-to when I’m feeling down on myself, paired with either selenite or smoky quartz.

Rose quartz works directly with the heart, softening and opening, healing and revitalizing. Wounds from past loves can find peace and limiting beliefs and false senses of unworthiness are stopped in their tracks.

To hold this stone with intention is to allow the light of your divine feminine to shine through the cracks. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety, releasing tension from our bodies. Reflection and healing, it will then bring in excitement!
The possibilities of a full and passionate life are at your fingertips, self-confidence and self-compassion are lighting the way with a glorious pink hue.

Metaphysical Connections

The key word here is connections, as rose quartz fosters authentic connections with ourselves and our higher selves. The divine feminine, the goddess within.

Meditating with rose quartz can be particularly powerful for times when you are looking to connect with the cosmic field, as it sets a tone with universal love, making it easier to tap into.
This crystal will work directly with your heart, to bring you into alignment with your highest potential.


Get one of these. As soon as you can if you don’t have one. Hah.
Really though, as a crystal lover, this is going to be one of your most beautiful and versatile crystals to pull out anytime.
Another beautiful piece of the stone’s allure is that since it opens the heart, it will create more awareness around the beauty of music, art, and the books you read!

You can find it in any shape and size, and the jewelry is particularly powerful. The heart chakra mala by Moxie Mala above is so gorgeous.
Throwinstones has some perfectly priced raw pink quartz earrings, beautiful pendants, and many other pieces to welcome into your collection.

I didn’t much touch on the relationship aspect of this stone, because well it’s the stone of love and relationship so that’s in there, and because I’m not in a relationship and just focusing on self-love. Hah 🙂

Oh! This will be my last crystal Tuesday for a month. I am going to start featuring essential oils this Tuesday as well! So it will be one crystal and one essential oil per month. Hope you enjoy it!

Love and vibes,

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