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“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.”
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

What the hell is frequency medicine anyhow?
If you’ve spent any time poking around my blog you will find I talk A LOT about frequency medicine and of course the revolutionary device, Healy.
Maybe you’ve read the posts and kind of gotten an idea of what this is, but also have no idea what it is.
I feel the same way sometimes, to be honest.

Not that it is really a difficult concept to grasp.
We have just not been taught to think this way. For generations, we have been taught to see the world in a three dimension view, with solid matter, the extent of the five senses, and within the confines of the all-mighty “science”.

However, the study and application of frequency medicine have been around since before the beginning of our idea of time on Earth.
I’m talking about Atlantis as a civilization but that’s a topic for another day.

In this post, I am going to describe in my own words, with references, quotes, and science-y information, what frequency medicine is, and by the end, I hope to leave you with a base-level understanding that inspires you to keep exploring, to ask more questions, and to follow your intuition into this miraculous and magical realm of freaking everything.


I like to start out with definitions of things just so we start out with a solid baseline.
These are the keywords that are going to come up throughout this post.

Frequency– the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light), usually measured per second.

Hertz-The number of hertz (Hz) equals the number of cycles per second. The term is used most frequently in connection with alternating electric currents, electromagnetic waves (light, radar, etc.), and sound. It is part of the International System of Units (SI), which is based on the metric system.

Resonance-A phenomenon in which an external force or a vibrating system forces another system around it to vibrate with greater amplitude at a specified frequency of operation.

Bioenergetic Field-a complex organizing energy field engaged in the generation, maintenance, and regulation of biological homeodynamics. Basically, this is the life force and flow of energy within and around our physical bodies.

In My Own Words

Science has concluded that the Universe is made of energy, not matter.
Matter is made up of atoms (protons, neutrons, electrons), and is still 99.99% empty space.
For atoms to make up matter, they need to group together, vibrating at the same resonance, to create a specific something, let’s say a liver cell, or a hair follicle, or an oak tree and a carrot.

The slower the atoms move, the more dense the object is. Think about the chair you are sitting on, it is literally vibrating, and atoms and molecules are just shaking around, but you wouldn’t know it.
The lower the frequency, the slower the movement, making the object denser. The earth’s frequency is at 7.83 HZ, humans resonate at 9 to 16 HZ while 43000000000000-79000000000000 Hz is the frequency of light!

I am going to completely make up the numbers here, but for a point, let’s say that liver cells vibrate at a frequency of 12.3 HZ and hair follicles vibrate at a frequency of 15.8 HZ. 3.5 HZ may not seem like a huge difference, but it is a difference enough to create and hold two completely different functions.

The only difference between one object and another is its frequency.
As humans we have our own specific frequency, like our fingerprint, that is unique to us, it is our own musical note in the symphony of the Universe. How cool is that.

Frequency is the language of Universal energy, it is the way it is able to express itself. It’s not just Matter that has frequency either; words, thoughts, and emotions all have specific frequencies that reverberate throughout the universe.

Have you done the experiment with either a plant or a jar of rice? Play Mozart and whisper sweet nothings to one and it flourishes, play heavy metal and spew hate to the other, and it will die or rot. This can be replicated over and over again because music, words, and intention all have hold frequencies, that when directed at a living organism, can have extreme effects.

The Law of Vibration

There are 12 Laws of the Universe, which I will cover more in another post, but for now, we will focus on the second law, which states:

Everything in this world, whether tangible or intangible, is made up of energy that is vibrating at a specific frequency. Everything is in constant motion, it never rests.

Okay, So Now What?

Alright, so we are all on the same page that everything is energy and has its specific frequency.

So why do we need this frequency medicine?
Well because due to our thoughts, emotions, environment, toxins, stress, etc, the frequencies within our body can become distorted.
Look at the rice example, the rice is still rice, it’s just either rotting or thriving.

Let’s go back to our made-up liver cell example of 12.3 HZ, which is going to be the optimal frequency for the highest function. As with everything there are shades of gray, when it starts to vibrate at a non resonate frequency, it is going to be lower, slightly off, but not off enough to turn it into a carrot. It could turn into a cancerous cell…they have a lower icky frequency but are energy just the same.

In short, everything is energy, so why not address issues at an energetic level?

Familiar Frequency Medicine

Radiation therapy, X-ray machines, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and PET and CT scans, and ultrasound have all become commonplace and all fundamentally harness the power of different types of waves and their specific frequencies that occur in nature.

The science behind these technologies is complex, however, we understand them to be effective and don’t really question them, right?

Dentists use frequency probes to identify if the nerve of a tooth is dead or alive; chiropractors use frequency to detect the proper alignment of the spinal vertebrae.
In fact, the frequency devices designed by Royale Rife, the Rife Machine, and the Timewaver Machine, designed by Marcus Schmieke. are used in hospitals in Europe as a normal part of patient care.

“Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies”

As I had been saying frequency medicine is not this new and novel woo-woo idea. Genius’s realized this stuff, the minds of Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Dr.
Albert Abrams, Dr. Ruth Drown, Royal Rife, and Dr. Hulda Clark were absolute pioneers in this field of study.

I’m going to include a few excerpts from an incredible paper on this topic,
Frequency: The Medicine of the Future By Synthia Andrews. If you are looking for a more well-versed than I dive into this, you should absolutely check it out.

“It [frequency healing] has identified the signature frequencies of various viruses, bacteria, and diseases along with the signature frequency of healthy organs and tissue. Even thoughts and emotions have been identified. Disease is seen as misinformation; the body has moved away from health because of an error of information. Restoration is achieved through the use of a device that supplies an electric current imprinted with the desired frequency to the body. In theory, the result is restoration of the body’s information system and a return to normal metabolic function.”

“Optimal health can be supported by providing desired frequency at the desired amplitude. For example, if someone suffers a cold, rather than bombard the body with a frequency to disrupt the virus, a frequency would be supplied that supports the immune system. When the body resonates with this, it creates ideal conditions for health. The use of frequency for healing is the cutting edge of alternative health modalities.”

Disease is seen as misinformation; the body has moved away from health because of an error of information.
The use of frequency for healing is the cutting edge of alternative health modalities.

Frequency Medicine Devices

When I first share with people about frequency medicine, the first thing I generally ask is if they are familiar with sound baths. Sound baths are these incredible gatherings where you lay and breathe and meditate and let the healing vibrations of the crystal singing bowls, gongs, harps, and other instruments penetrate your being and restore what they can. This is vibrational therapy. People have profound experiences during these sessions and some just feel relaxed and at peace.
What’s nice about sound baths is that people can hear the frequencies, since they aren’t tangible that you can touch or see, but this is a great foundation because people understand the frequency of the music.

This is the ultimate gift of frequency medicine, is that it’s not BOOM you’re better, in some cases, you can have that experience, but really it is working at our core level, our energetic level, the shifts, and releases that happen there will ripple up through every other level of our being. One day, you’ll just realize you aren’t as heavy, that pain is gone, opportunities have opened up, and you are on a different timeline in your life. The possibilities are truly endless and there are no negative attributes.

Frequency Medicine is a non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free, and surgery-free therapy that utilizes vibrational frequencies of the human biofield to bring harmonization and healing to the individual.

I have written previous articles about how Healy uses Individualized Microcurrent Frequencies and taps into the Torus Energy Field with the coil attachment. Both of these are helpful to further explore how the frequencies are delivered to your bioenergetic field.

Devices such as the Rife and Timewaver machines work largely on the physical body, and you can find practitioners around the globe to work with.
These machines are incredibly powerful, and effective.
The same man who created Timewaver, Marcus Schmieke, created the Healy with the mission that everyone has access to this technology, and that we can become our own healers.

Healy has the ability to scan your bioenergetic field, to let you know what your body needs harmonization in, at that particular moment. You are also free and encouraged to use your intuition on what frequencies to deliver.
Let’s say we are running a Liver program. This incredible device isn’t just sending one frequency, it is sending a package of frequencies specifically chosen to assist the liver.

Where do these frequencies come from? Research, science, and a lot of time from a lot of dedicated individuals. If you are looking for more specific information, I suggest reading the books The Resonance Effect by Carolyn McMakin and Vibrational Medicine by Richar Gerber or you can reach out to me and I can send over information!


I feel like I could keep going on and trying to explain this, but honestly, it could make it more confusing. The premise is simple:
We are energetic beings, and frequency medicine interacts with us on an energetic level, using specific vibrational resonances to achieve the desired result of harmonization in our bio(energy) field.

This is where science meets spirituality, this is where real healing occurs.

Please visit my Frequency Healing with Healy Page to learn more about this life-changing device, and reach out if you would like more information.

I’m just one insanely passionate person but am in a community with a large collective of people that offer support, education, invaluable resources, and unbelievable insight.

Welcome to the new paradigm, it’s freaking awesome here.

Love and vibes,

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