Twelve Universal Laws

I’ve always been a rebel, one to break the rules, skirt the line, and sometimes end up in jail. Rules and laws are restrictive, and I’m a free bird dammit!

That being said, one can’t break the Laws of the Universe. These laws aren’t designed to keep us in a box, instead, they are designed to set us free, to allow us to reach our highest potential! They are also referred to as the Universal Principals.

These have been woven into the fabric of everything since, well, time isn’t real so let’s just say they have always been everywhere. Ancient civilizations have lived their lives by these intrinsic and invisible principles, including the Egyptians.
They were not all discovered all at once, and the ancient hermetic principles are some of the oldest records we have of the original seven.

I am going to give a simple overview of these laws, along with my interpretation, and possibly examples, we will see how this goes.
Honestly, this is the first time I’m diving into some of these, so this will be fun!
Keep in mind that while all references have the same 12 Laws, you will find them in different orders, personal preference maybe? So this is the order I’m going with.

#1: The Law of Divine Oneness

Everything is connected. Every thought, every action, everything on our planet and in this huge freaking universe and beyond is connected. It is all from the Divine Source and we are never not a part of this beautiful and intricate web of love and light.

#2: The Law of Energy or Vibration

Everything is in constant motion, nothing ever rests. At an atomic and molecular level, everything is vibrating, from the chair you are sitting on, to the thoughts in your head. This is important to know when it comes to the way the Universe works, from our bodies to the thing we want to manifest into our life.
I cover frequency related to health in my post What Is Frequency Medicine?, and this law of vibration is fundamental for our upcoming law as well.

#3: The Law of Attraction

Hear this one? I think 98% of the people on the planet have heard of the Law of Attraction. However, that does not mean it is understood or actually utilized!
Like attracts like, right? What you focus on, you can manifest into your reality. This is true, but one can repeat, “I want a million dollars, I want a million dollars, I want a million dollars” until they are blue in the face, and still won’t have a million dollars.

To attract things on a Universal level you have to work will all of these Laws, and learn to harness the Law of Vibration. To understand that you need to be on the same vibrational level as the thing you desire. To say you want the million dollars because you are afraid of not paying rent, and that fear is driving your request, I’m sorry to say that isn’t going to work.
The Law of Attraction is truly an embodied experience, and it’s a shame to see so many people taking it at face value, and getting frustrated when it doesn’t work. It is working, they are attracting their vibrational match, it’s just not what they think.
You also can’t ask for a million dollars and then turn down a job opportunity, this leads us to our next Law.

#4: The Law of (Inspired) Action

So you ask the Universe for a million dollars, now what? Now you take some time to be quiet, to listen to your inner guidance.
What steps are you being called to take? It doesn’t have to be a defined plan, but it can be if that’s your type. What is has to be is an inspired call to action, not something you do grudgingly because you “have” to.

Learning to tune into your inner guidance is going to move more mountains than a fleet of bulldozers.
When your gut says to try that new coffee spot, you should, you might run into an old friend who gets excited about what your doing, inspires you, and reignites a flame! The smallest circumstances can open the most heavy of doors.

Your desires are brought to you via thought, and you receive them by deciding to take action.” -Jen Sincero

#5: The Law of Correspondence

As above, so below. As within, so without. You could relate this to personal instant karma almost. If your life is crazy and stressful, your internal state is going to reflect that. If you are calm and grounded, your outer world is going to mirror that back.

This is particularly important with the subject of money. If you have a lack mindset and are always worried about money, then that unexpected charge is going to happen, that parking ticket, that damn subscription you told yourself you would cancel!

Realizing our limiting beliefs take effort, and honestly, and isn’t a butterflies and rainbows experience. It’s a process of uncovering the lies we have told ourselves so we can start to reflect our abundant, calm, confident inner self into our outside world.

#6: The Law of Cause and Effect

This is another one we all have a basic understanding of. Every action will have a reaction, and we tend to learn this in a physical application, but of course, it applies to all things.
If you push someone, they could certainly push back. Cause and effect.
You push someone, they don’t push back. What happens with that energy? Well, my friend, it will circle all the way around the Universe to come back and push you. Or it could push on you internally, physically, and/or emotionally.

This is Karma. What goes around comes around. Reap what you sow.
Paying ATTENTION to your INTENTION is one of the most important and life-changing things you can do to shift your reality.

#7: The Law of Compensation

Yes, my friends, there is even a Universal Law around compensation! It goes back to what you sow, you shall reap.
The value of what you are putting out into the world will be reflected back upon you. The key word here is value, and the intention behind what it is you are selling, giving, etc. Also, realize compensation is not strictly cash, it can come as opportunity, time, manifested material things, and the like.

In our society and mindset, we tend to give people what we think they deserve…we do this subconsciously most of the time, our inner judge(ego) is limiting what we give and therefore what we receive. Be generous, go above and beyond, with no assumptions, and no expectations, and you will be rewarded.

#8: The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Remember # 2? Everything is moving all the time, always?! Okay, so the word Transmutation is a great word. It’s the process of changing, transforming, low vibrational energy, into higher vibrational energy. Energy never dies, but it can be channeled into something else, it can change forms.

This is where our power lies. Energy flows where attention flows.
We all have bullshit that goes on and we all participate in negative self-talk. It’s the ability to become aware and catch yourself and understand that you can shift your personal energy.
I’ve started doing this with small things. My brain goes to think “I hate laundry” and I’m like NO! I appreciate having an abundance of clothes. This even applies to songs I find myself singing that have a negative talk, I reverse it. These small shifts and catches will help you to catch the bigger things, bring awareness to the stressful moments, and ultimately be transmuting the negative energy you unconsciously surround yourself with on a daily basis.

#9: The Law of Relativity

I love this one. The Principle of Relativity is so powerful in putting things in perspective. This is a good one to consider when you are transmuting the energy to help shift from that low vibrational state.

Nothing is good or bad. Everything is neutral.
It is our response, emotional reaction, judgment, personal beliefs, and experiences that make something “good” or “bad”.

I’ve been fired from a few jobs in my day due to poor decision-making (drinking). I once worked at a brewery that I loved, made good money, and the people were awesome. Circumstances changed in my life and I started drinking a lot more, and I lost that job due to being late one too many times.

However, because of this, I knew something needed to change in my life and I started looking for jobs that were not in the bar industry and would maybe help me change directions.

I ended up working and living, on a lavender farm in Northern AZ. I ended up losing that job because of different poor decisions, but it was incredible, and it did change the trajectory of my current circumstance.

Life isn’t good or bad, life is life, and you make it what you want.

I painted that house! Harvested the Lavender. A must-visit place in Arizona.

#10: The Law of Polarity

This is the Yin/Yang Principle. Polarity is opposites and balance. While nothing is “good” or “bad” there are absolutely opposite sides of spectrum, as well as all shades in between.

You can’t have hot without cold, but not everything is hot OR cold, and every point along that spectrum has a corresponding point on the other side.
This also applies to our emotions and experiences. In the example above, while I was sad and frustrated I lost my job, I understood that every experience is there to serve me, it is not happening TO me.

There is a mantra to go along with this Divine Law from spiritual author Shannon Kaiser and it perfectly relates here. “All contrast brings more clarity”.
We need to see all the shades, and experience as much of the spectrum as possible, to really embody this full human experience.

#11: The Law of Rhythm

We have gotten so out of wack in accordance with our natural cycles and rhythms. I mean who can blame us when we have light and heat at the flip of a switch? We can go to stores and buy food all year long. Stress, toxins, technology, and the go-go-go masculine energy have disconnected us from being in tune with our natural rhythms, and it has manifested in an unhealthy society.

Nature works in cycles, it has a rhythm and things always change. The sun rising and setting is a cycle, the lunar cycle each month, the seasons, they all come and go and within each part, our bodies also have rhythms that are synced (or want to be) in accordance with mother earth. I wrote an article, Holistic Health for Fall, which speaks about the changes in the autumn season and how you can support yourself through the seasonal transition.

Going with the flow of these cycles will make massive improvements to your health, create less resistance in your manifestations, and ultimately bring in a higher vibrational quality of life.

Use code SELFADJACENTHEALING for $50 off!

#12: The Law of Gender

Unpopular opinion, Universal Law. Everything is MALE or FEMALE, well masculine and feminine.
You can’t be both, at the same time.
Well maybe, yes because it’s a balancing act. Yin/Yang.

We are born the gender that we are. That is in fact due to the sexual organs we are born with. Remove, add, identify, whatever you do, this fact exists.
However, regardless of which gender you are born, we all have both masculine and feminine energy.
This aligns with the Law of Polarity, we have within us all sides of the energetic spectrum, and this is required for us to achieve balance.

According to, “Energetically speaking, masculine energy is creative, practical, and visionary, but out of balance can take the form of control, anger, and conflict. Feminine energy, on the other hand, is intelligent, nurturing, and intuitive when balanced with masculine energy. Out of balance, it is vulnerable and weakened in its personal power.”

Laying Down The Law

“Live your life as though your every act were to become a Universal Law.”
-Immanuel Kent

I hope you’ve learned something about the way the infinite and loving Universe operates.
I know sometimes it may seem like the world is against you, and if you feel that way all the time or on certain days, you need to take these into consideration.

One of the most difficult parts of personal growth, self-healing, spiritual awakening, or whatever you call this journey to remembering that we are on, is the aspect of self-responsibility.

We are the creators of our reality.
Nothing is the fault of anyone else.
Once you can take responsibility for everything in your life, you can truly start to experiment with the power you have.

Using these Principles is the key to living an abundant life, vibrating at a higher level, and manifesting that which is aligned with your divine potential.

You’re so capable and special, and I appreciate you.

Love and vibes,

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  1. Thank you Amera for sharing access to your blog. This first topic is of significant interest to me as I continue to seek as much knowledge and experiences as possible to help me better understand my journey. Good vibes sent your way for opening your world for the benefit of others!

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