3 Elements For A Powerful Practice of Gratitude

I am so grateful for…

I am so thankful for…

It is often recommended that we (those on a journey of self-improvement/empowerment/spiritual growth) should keep a gratitude journal,  or at least make a list of things we are grateful for at regular intervals.   This is truly a beautiful and transformative practice, but having an understanding of WHY is key.  Here I will review the three key elements of structuring a gratitude practice, to ensure that you get the most out of this profound and life-changing tool.

Power Of Attention

When you are giving something your attention, you are focusing, you are engaged, and you are present. If you’re writing a gratitude list while on the phone with your friend, you’re taking away from its power, and also your presence will be lacking in the conversation as well.

The power of this practice is in the detail, whether you are writing three things or all the things you can list. You don’t want to prattle off just anything to say you’ve done the task and then move on. You want to pay attention to things you have had to be grateful for throughout that day, throughout your life. By doing it this way you actually create a mindset to pay more attention to the little things going about your day-to-day. Your brain will be paying more attention to those precious pearls, that gratitude juice.

An Intentional Practice

This is a special time of the day or night. This is the time set aside for you to intentionally make yourself feel freaking great! You can’t be grateful and angry or jealous or feel lacking at the same time. Sure, you can feel this one second after, but if that’s the case, I’d say you aren’t committing to the practice with intention.
As stated above, we can’t breeze through gratitude like another item on a checklist.

Create a ritual for yourself, get comfy, maybe light a candle, hold a favorite crystal, and use a special notebook and pen. This practice can be done in the morning or evening, anytime really, but right upon waking or right before bed seems to be the most powerful. Before you write anything down, either in your head or out loud connect with your intention to explore, express, and embody gratitude. You could write that down first too if you’d like. Then take one to three deep slow breaths, and begin. By creating a habit, a ritual, this sacred time, and begin you will start to signal yourself to get into this place of thanksgiving, just by settling yourself into your space.

Embodiment of Gratitude

Alright so we are paying attention to what we are doing, we’ve created our ritual/special time, so we are ready to write down that list of incredible things! Right? Kind of. There’s a final piece.
For each thing that you right, sit with it, breathe with it for a moment.
I personally like to smile. Allow those words, that thing, or experience to fully penetrate your being. This may take some practice at first, as you just have all these exciting things you want to write down.

This is where the magic happens.
By fully feeling into your gratitude, you are raising your vibration and sending the message to the Universe that this is something you appreciate, this is what you resonate with, and more of this is what you are calling into your field!

Gratitude is the secret code to manifestation.
Not super secret, but in case you didn’t know.


This is my personal take on gratitude, and these are the ways that I have “structured” my gratitude practice based on the points of resistance I encountered.

Here are some gorgeous quotes to really penetrate the power of this seemingly simple measure.

I am so grateful to everyone reading this post, any posts, and the freedom I have to share about what lights me up.
Thank you.

I would love to hear your rituals/practices around gratitude!

Love and vibes,

One response to “3 Elements For A Powerful Practice of Gratitude”

  1. Gratitude is a word that recently keeps making its presence in my life. I’m not sure if I’m more intune with its appearance or if it is just significantly more present in my life. Either way Thank You for posting your take on Gratitude and the exercise I may be using shortly to be more in tune with the gift of gratitude.

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