Golden Healer Quartz: History, Associations, and Uses

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I purchased my Golden Healer quartz tower from a live sale on Instagram, being drawn to it beautiful coloring, and honestly the affordability of the piece. Once I secured the purchase, I had to do some research on the properties of the stone, and was extremely satisfied with the decision I had made!
Fast forward a few months until just the other day, when I was looking at my crystal collection and decided to pick it up and revisit its magic.

There is always Diving timing for everything, and it became clear to me that now was the time this stone was intended to help me through.
The energetic properties of this gorgeous orange/brown crystal will astound and empower you, so let’s dive in.

Composition and Colors

Golden Healer is known in the mineralogy world as Hematoid Quartz, of which there are two types. Fire Quartz has more red and pink hues and coloring, caused by the presence of microscopic hematite particles. Golden Healer quartz has rustic yellow-brown color is caused by the presence of microscopic pyrite (iron) particles inside its natural crystal structure.

As shown above, the color of this crystal will include the clear and smoky qualities of clear quartz, with varying shades of golden orange to brown, and may also include some darker brown inclusions. The gold color really is a marvel to look at, and I find myself staring at and getting beautifully lost in all the deep complexities of my stone.

Geography and History

This crystal was a little trickier to find any information on where it is sourced and how it has been used throughout the ages. From what I did find, it seemed that the Egyptians (of course) had it embedded in scepters and would wear it as pendants to prevent madness!
Ancient Egyptians really knew their crystals and their power.
Babylonian author Azchalias wrote that the stone would aid in petitions to the King and be victorious in lawsuits, so it was recommended to wear the stone while attending court trials!

It can be found most commonly in Brazil and Madagascar, some of the richest areas for beautiful gemstones.


A powerful aspect of the Golden Healer is that it is a master healer, it serves all zodiacs equally and lends its powers to all the chakras.

Suppose you are one that likes to work with different crystals for each chakra. In that case, the relationship with the crown chakra is probably the strongest, because of the high vibrational healing energy within this stone, and its ability to connect us with our higher selves.

It has also been called the Stone of the Sun, due to its color, incredibly illuminating energy, and healing radiance.

Healing Properties

As I stated above, this gem is a master healer. The healing energies are related mostly to the emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves, however, it does have physical benefits that will manifest when working with the stone intentionally.

Physical Healing

Due to the iron in the crystal, it has been said to help with physical performance, encouraging healthy lungs, stimulating cell growth which carries oxygen, and increasing the overall energy levels in the body. They are said to stimulate the thymus and regulate and balance the body’s systems.

Honestly because of the insanely high vibes emanating from this crystal, if you are needing physical support in anything, it will literally cocoon you in a healing bubble and will start from the top (energetic body) down to the physical.

Metaphysical Properties

Here we are! You may have quickly skimmed this whole article to get down here to the juicy goodness. I can’t blame ya, that’s why I kept everything else short and sweet.

To take the small excerpt from Melody’s Love Is In The Earth book:
“This mineral has been used to assist one in attaining and maintaining contact with the spiritual worlds and to incite healing on all levels. It is an excellent stone for use in all healing situations and promotes the recognition of methods and techniques which will further recovery from all disorders.”

Promotes the recognition of all methods and techniques which will further recovery from all disorders. This crystal is a resonator, it will open you up and allow something that you may be having resistance to, to work.

Short clip of my beautiful piece 🙂

The golden energy resonates with your soul and encourages you to foster and strengthen your relationship with your Higher Self and Divine Source. This gem is used commonly in meditations and practices where you are connecting with the Spirit Realm, as well as your inner child.
It will aid in opening up your consciousness (that crown chakra), opening the portal to fully receive guidance and messages from the Universe through your intuition.

One of the most gorgeous aspects of this crystal is the ability to cleanse and recharge your aura. I’m talking radiating in a glowing light, feeling the warmth of your worth, and being a beacon of healing energy as you go about your day.
Golden Healer quartz will recognize all your limiting beliefs, the murky aspects of yourself you have yet to let go, and transmute them into the light.
It will amplify your intention and desires and assist you in being a vibrational match to call in your manifestations.

Stone of the Sun is a favorite among energy healers (click the link to see them as gorgeous spheres!) The energy emitted is strong and deliberate, yet extremely calming and soft. It is here to bring out your highest qualities, shine a light on your darkness, and lead you to a place of true discovery and healing.
Golden Healer works to balance the Yin/Yang energies, which is why many energy practitioners will use it along with others during crystal or Reiki therapies. To have a stone to carry around with you during days of unbalance and stress, will have ripple effects on your energy field, and those around you.

The Golden Age

I could really keep reading, writing, and gushing over the Golden Healer quartz for some time, as it was one I wasn’t extremely familiar with beforehand.

I’ve done a few meditations with the gem in the last few days, as you can find them on YouTube for this stone specifically. However it’s always good to feel into your crystals and meditations without being guided every once and a while and when I sat for a balancing meditation, with the tower at my root chakra, pointing upwards, the energy after I had gone through each of my chakras, opened up through the crown and created this strong and graceful golden torus energy field around me. I could feel the energy coming up from the Earth and down from Source, basking in the golden glow of the toroidal flow.
It was so revitalizing and refreshing.

I highly recommend grabbing one of these either from trusted online sources or your local crystal shop owner.
It took me two and a half days to completely finish this article, and my tower has hardly left my side. The impact on my mood and my motivation has been tantalizing. I feel more light and shiny.
I have not gotten sick while others around me have been getting slightly sick.
I’m excited to use it in a crystal grid!

Drop a comment if you love and use Golden Healer quartz!

Love and vibes,

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