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“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.”
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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We can all agree water is the foundation of life right?
That every living thing on this planet needs water to survive.
Yes, each to its own varying degree, but a requirement, and more importantly, a building block of all organisms on a cellular level.
So let’s geek on that for a quick minute.

Our body weight is 50% to 60% water weight for an adult female and male respectively.
This is fascinating to actually think about because yes, we know we are mostly water, but take a moment to actually APPRECIATE the vast amount of fluid that makes up YOU in your body.

Your muscles and brain are 75% water, your bones are 22%, your liver is 72%, your kidneys are 82% AND they filter around 180 Liters of water inside your body, every day(regardless of your water intake-whoa), your blood is 82% H2O, even your teeth are 5% aqua!

Water is the lubrication, fuel, essence of vital functions, and genius substance that makes up our body.
Since we are living beings, we require LIVING water…but are we getting it?

“What doctors label as disease is ‘deep dehydration’.” – F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

Living Water

I just want to do a quick jive on living water, and will be creating more content on living and dead water both, so I won’t go into too much detail here, but overview the phenomenal facts.

There are six basic properties to living water, alive water, water as God, Source, Big Yellow Monkey in the Sun, intended us to consume to fully OPTIMIZE our human experience through homeostatic health.


The two big ones I want you to note are:

1- Living water resonates with the life force in your body, meaning that water itself has life force energy. Water that does not have its own life force energy, will require an extra expenditure of our cellular energy, to bring life force back to it, so that the body can use it.
It’s incredible that our cells are so intelligent to do this, but let’s work smarter, not harder people!

2- That living water has a Hexagonal Structure. This is a non-negotiable, AND something you can test at home! Unhealthy water typically has large or pentagonal molecular clusters or remains chaotically formless even as it starts to freeze. Tap water cannot form hexagonal structures.

This structure is more than just a beautiful snowflake, the shape is ingeniously designed to match the clusters of water in and around our cells, to maximize interactions, transfers, and intricate energetic communications.

Take some tap water on a clear petri dish, or something similar, and put it in the freezer for a few minutes until it is barely starting to freeze. Look at the shapes, I’d love to hear what you see! Try this with different waters as well.

We will dive more into these other aspects later, especially pH, but for this article, I just want to create some awareness 🙂

Dead Water

“To an untrained eye, dead water still looks like water. So we expect it to do the same job as healthy energetic water.” Charlie Ryrie, author of The Healing Energies of Water

The cold, hard truth is that pretty much all of the water that we consume is dead, stagnant, and dead. It does not give us life force energy, it is not clean and pure and certainly is not rich in minerals.

Not that we necessarily meant to, or that we knew what we were doing at the time, but we humans have basically degraded or destroyed water- with our chemicals, pollution, and “make-it-safe” processes.
Let’s look at a few water sources that we partake this life-sustaining beverage from.

Tap Water

Oofta, this might just be the worst.  Results of a new survey conducted for NSF, a global public health and safety organization, reveal that while most U.S. consumers drink tap water (71 percent) and more than half (55 percent) are concerned about contaminants in their drinking water or don’t know what’s in it, nearly half (42 percent) do not take steps to filter or treat their home’s drinking water.

Water treatment plants use basic filtration and chlorine to remove microbes and contaminants from our polluted water. This process makes the water “safe”, because it kills most germs and bacteria, but it also destroys water’s life-giving properties.
Chlorine is not good for water because it has a strong ionic pull that easily distorts water’s healthful crystalline structure. Remember that structure is essential for living water. Chlorine has been associated with heart problems, cancer, and arteriosclerosis. Boiling water does not get rid of chlorine! It changes it into a carcinogen called trihalomethane. Another problem is that tap water tends to have an erratic pH (as low as 5.5 or as high as 10) which disturbs the body’s natural acid/alkaline balance of pH 7.35.

Keeping water in stagnant storage tanks and forcing it to travel through miles of pipes (which is a whole nother disgusting topic) strips the water of its natural energy and oxygen.
By the time tap water comes out of your faucet, there are usually no healthy properties.

Don’t get me started on the added fluoride

Do yourself a favor, and test your tap water. Test your filtered water if you drink that too.
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Awareness is the first step my friends.


Filtered Water, Bottled Water, and Reverse Osmosis

Many filters remove chlorine and heavy metals, but most still allow certain contaminants to pass through. Parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia are not killed by chlorine or UV light and can easily pass through carbon filters. Radioactive and volatile chemicals are also very hard to remove.
Distillation and Reverse Osmosis do better at removing contaminates, but they also completely strip the water of all the beneficial stuff as well.

Speaking to people who have Reverse Osmosis in their homes, tend to actually feel more dehydrated when they just drink that water because there is literally nothing substantial that the cells are able to use.
Not that there aren’t some advantages to Reverse Osmosis, I’m just speaking on Dead vs. Alive here.

Bottled water goes through these filtration processes. Natural spring water goes through it, thereby killing the naturalness of it. Some may add some minerals back into the water, but this still does not negate the fact that it is processed and then stored for long periods of time.

Yes, our bodies benefit from all of this water, because we need water to survive- but it doesn’t carry ALL the life-giving qualities vital to be actual living water, water that allows us to THRIVE.

Well Water

The EPA estimates that more than 23 million households rely on private wells for drinking water in the United States. I personally have always been a huge fan of well water, however, there were some places where the water was too hard, too mineral-rich, to really even be useable/drinkable.
Well water is great because it is richer in natural minerals, doesn’t go through treatment processes, no chemicals are directly added, and it doesn’t go through nasty pipes and storage.
Sounds like a winner right?! Well, there are some bummers.

Water described as “hard” contains high amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium. Hard water is not a health risk per se but is a nuisance because of mineral buildup on plumbing fixtures and poor soap and or detergent performance.
Even though wells are dug deep, contaminants still leech in through the soil. Just a fact.

Contamination from agricultural runoff is one of the most common and problematic health and safety issues. Septic tanks located too close to a private well can also cause contamination. One of the biggest concerns is nitrate contamination. At elevated levels, nitrates pose a health risk to pregnant mothers and young children.
This is why reverse osmosis filters and such are then installed, which leads us back to the above..

What Is The Best Water?

Depends on who you talk to, or where you are at in the world.

The reality of the situation is that right now there is so much information, so many different ideas and fads, that it is hard to discern which is the “best” water to be drinking.

A perfect example of this is the alkaline water industry which is booming right now, and then there is science (and common sense) that is stating alkaline water is not good for human consumption.
Same with the reverse-osmosis systems.

Another example is hydrogen-rich water. I know, all water has hydrogen in it, but we are talking hydrogen-enhanced water, that has pure hydrogen molecules per parts per million (ppm).
I’ll create an article with the science of it later.
You can get a bottle on Amazon for $40 USD, and I’m sorry, that is a scam.
You can get a bottle for $300 USD, which claims to produce hydrogen and may, however, it doesn’t disclose the evaporation rate and the dangerous by-products that are created during the process, making the water more dangerous than helpful.

Then there is a specific company with a 20K machine that says it does both of those things^ and there is a lot to be revealed there.

Water from a natural spring nearby? Possibly, but it could also have high amounts of trace minerals, which your body will have a hard time processing if that is the only water you drink, and can cause kidney stones among other issues.

How the heck do you know what to trust?

Personal discernment is huge.
Asking questions and getting straightforward answers and resources.

If you want to purchase something to enhance your everyday drinking water, don’t be lazy.
Do your research, find someone you trust, ask questions, go through reviews, look into the company and the funding, and listen to your gut.
Try a few different types of water and filters and see what works best with YOUR BODY.
Test those waters and filters.



What Do I Do?

Currently, I am drinking tap water through a Brita water filter, or the 5-gallon jugs we get delivered to our home.
Planning to purchase a different water filter in the near future, and I will discuss that once I research and find the best one.
To supplement minerals I add Himalayan Pink Salt to my water in the morning, and have some Celtic Salt on order!
Learn more about Celtic Salt here.
I also like to use Trace Mineral Drops every once in a while, especially if traveling or when I know I have not been getting adequate nutrition.

Through body education, I am working to inner-stand if these are really necessary for my body.
Blindly taking supplements or jumping on the next health trend is reckless if not dangerous.

I am currently going through training to bring you the best information possible.
Even if it challenges the beliefs we have had.
Because the truth is not always in plain sight, and it generally isn’t a $50 best seller on Amazon.

So this is my intro to water re-education, expansion, and exploration!

I will be continuing to do educational pieces as well as testing different waters and sharing that information on my social media platforms as well. Be sure to follow me there!
If you are interested in exploring the world of living, hydrogen-enhanced water with me, send me an email or message on social media. It’s absolutely fascinating, with over 15 years of science, research, clinical research, product comparison, and really the most brilliant minds in this field.
We are the precipice of a hydrogen revolution, and I’d love to link arms!

Thank you for being here, on this journey with me.

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