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“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.”
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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When I sat down to start writing this article, I first began by exploring the whys and whats of rituals.
That got to be a bit word intense and I thought to myself
“I just want to write about water”.

So that’s what you have here, my introduction and insights into water rituals, and only that.
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Exploring the Depths: The Significance of Water Rituals

Water, in all its forms, possesses an incredible array of characteristics that capture the very essence of life itself. Imagine creating a ritual that not only acknowledges but actively engages with the omnipresence, intelligence, beauty, fierceness, and emotional depth embodied by water.
This is a profound avenue for self-connection and spiritual grounding.

Omnipresent and Intelligent

Water’s omnipresence mirrors its ability to adapt and flow, finding its way into every nook and cranny of the Earth. In the same way, a water ritual can be designed to cultivate adaptability and intelligence, allowing you to navigate the twists and turns of life with grace and resilience.

Beautiful and Fierce

The beauty of water is undeniable, whether it’s the tranquil flow of a stream or the crashing waves of an ocean. Yet, beneath this beauty lies a fierce power, capable of shaping landscapes and carving out its own path. A water ritual can highlight both aspects, the shadow and the light.

Emotional and Sentient

Water is often associated with emotions, a mirror, a reflection of our inner landscape (or inner ocean should I say). A water ritual can provide a sacred space to explore and express emotions, allowing a deeper understanding of the self. You’ll find water holds so much space for your emotions, especially your tears. As a sentient being, she holds space, and life, for everything on Earth. We are all connected through her.

Powerful and Receptive

The power of water, be it in the force of a waterfall or the calm strength of a lake, is awe-inspiring. Simultaneously, water is receptive, shaping itself to fit any container. A water ritual could channel this duality, tapping into personal power while remaining open and receptive to the energies around us.

Soft, Nourishing, Playful

The tactile qualities of water, its wetness and softness, evoke a sense of comfort and nourishment. A water ritual might involve physical elements like touching water, symbolizing a replenishing of the spirit and a return to a state of gentle rejuvenation. She will bring to the surface your playful side, the inner child splashing in the waves or jumping in puddles. These themselves can be a water ritual, to connect with the joy and playfulness of life.

In essence, crafting and participating in water rituals is a profound way to connect with the life force coursing through the planet and ourselves. It’s a recognition of the divine in the every day, an acknowledgment that, in the language of ritual, God might very well be synonymous with Water.


Water Practices

If you haven’t already downloaded my 8 Days of Cultivating a Relationship with Water, you should grab that here. (If you’re here because of that, HEYYY!)

Here are some ideas that can be a ritual on their own or part of a sequence:

Sacred Vessel

This is simple, beautiful, and accessible. You can transform any cup into a sacred vessel with your intention. First, cleanse the cup, I even like to use Palo Santo and cleanse it energetically, and when you pour your water into it, pay attention, be grateful, acknowledge her, and sip like damn royalty.

I went out to the local thrift store and purchased a few different water vessels, that being pitchers, cups, and this awesome bowl that has a spot for a candle. I use one pitcher to hold my structured water, then I use the smaller one with my Infopathy Device.
I have a few beautiful cups/glasses for drinking, that make me feel like a queen, and show reverence to the gorgeous fluid within the cup.

Speaking Gratitude to Your Water

“I love you, I respect you, thank you” Saying this while you pour a glass, or before taking that sip is absolutely gorgeous. It brings you into the present moment, connects you with what you are doing, and makes you aware that water is a sentient being and is listening to you, and any time we show gratitude, we raise not only our vibration but the vibration of our environment.

Speaking Prayers to the Water

Water can hear you, water can feel you, and water wants to not only bring you life but for you to thrive in your highest expression. We speak our desires and prayers into the water, and then water communicates with all the other water it will eventually come into contact with, from your intercellular fluid to the plants to the ocean, and into the atmosphere, eventually raining your prayers back onto the earth.

Water as a Sensory Experience

Water can be appreciated by all of our senses. Feeling the texture and temperature, smelling the rain or a diffuser, tasting various complexities, listening to natural sounds or splashing, watching ripples, stillness, or a natural scene. Pick one or multiple and allow yourself to be open to any experience/emotion/insight that comes when you pair water and the senses. Water is the Universes’ sensory organ-think about that, she sees you when you look at her, tastes you, hears you, smells you…

Showers of Love

This is one of my favorite practices! We have the ability to share our energy with the water as we shower. (She also shares things with us, which is why I highly recommend a shower filter, for both to benefit. I use Dr. Mercola’s ) Thank the water for being available, even if it was against her will, tell her you appreciate her and that you want her to know that she is valuable and not taken for granted. Speaking these affirmations to her will have a ripple effect on you as well 🙂

Singing to Water

Our voices carry resonating vibrations, that are unique to only us. Our words also carry their own specific vibration, which is why words are so important, especially words in ancient and/or indigenous languages.

There are many water songs, that have been passed down generally only orally, however now for preservation and appreciation have been made available for others to learn!
I’ve recently learned this one called “The Water Song” by Doreen Day, an Ojibiwa woman and it is super simple and beautiful. Linked above to hear the melody and sing along, and here are the lyrics:

Ne-be Gee Zah- gay- e- goo
Gee Me-gwetch wayn ne me — goo
Gee Zah Wayn ne- me- goo

Water, we love you. We thank you. We respect you.

I’m learning how to play the ukulele, so I will practice my music, with water as my audience. She loves it!

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Ritual Baths

Deeply rooted in various cultural and spiritual traditions, are immersive experiences that transcend the mundane act of cleansing to become sacred and transformative journeys.
This has been a new habit of mine for the last year or so and wow, they are beautiful and magical portals of self-care. You can add herbs, salts, essential oils, or flowers, and adorn the space with crystals and candles. The options are endless. The water becomes a vessel for intention, charged with symbolic meaning. The ritual bath is a space for introspection, self-care, and setting intentions, where each element carefully chosen holds specific significance.

I’ve done elaborate ones, and I’ve done simple ones, working with what I had around the house. It’s the energy you bring to the space that makes it special and powerful.
These are a couple of gorgeous and detailed books on the subject! Click to learn more and be directed to my favorite online (used) book source.


Hydromancy is the ancient art of divination through water, and it encompasses a variety of methods, each offering unique insights into the mystical realms.
Here are four examples of ways you can start to open this dialogue with the wisdom of water:
Scrying: Using a large or small pool of water, usually with a black crystal basin such as onyx or obsidian, or in a lake or reflecting pond. Gaze into the water and witness what visions may arise. (Nostradamus used this method).
Pegomancy: Toss an object into a full container of water and interpret either the image formed by it or the sound made by striking the water. Or drop stones in in sacred pool or springs to observe their movements.
Radiesthesia: Using as a pendulum or ring suspended on a thread and held over a glass of water. This method works best for simple yes/no questions and may be the easiest method to start with. This is my go-to.
Veda Austin’s Method (Hydroglyphs): Austin has found that water not only reflects her surroundings but also proactively communicates by sharing consistent symbols, each with a unique and verifiable meaning. Link to her website here.

Reverence in Nature

I think aside from cultivating gratitude with the water you interact with on a daily basis, this is the second most important piece of a mature water practice.
Go to her, where she is, and listen to her. Depending on the body of water and the time of year, you can choose to sit beside her or immerse yourself in her fluid body.

If you feel inclined you can bring her natural gifts- flowers, stones, highly structured water. Burn some natural incense, sing to her, chant a mantra, or say a prayer.
I found this prayer on and I love it.
“Sweet spirit thank you for the water that nourishes this life into existence. I understand that the fluid of this body is that of the oceans and the rains. In water, we are all connected. I honor the power of water to restore this body, spirit, and mind, to its eternal state of grace and peace. Thank you for this perfect gift, this giver of life.”

Magic in the Mundane

Water rituals not only transcend the mundane, they offer us magic within it. Providing a sacred space to tap into the profound qualities and nuances of water that mirror the very essence of life, whether we are washing the dishes, becoming water alchemists, going fishing, or treating ourselves to a ritual bath.

As we immerse ourselves in these practices, we not only connect with the omnipresent and sentient nature of water but also discover the transformative power of aligning our spirits with the fluid rhythm of existence.
You are water! You are an ocean contained by skin and how exciting that we are able to connect with our own essence so intimately.

In the language of ritual, where drops become rivers and rivers become oceans, we find a profound connection that goes beyond the physical and resonates with the depths of our souls.
In embracing water rituals, we navigate the currents of life, gracefully acknowledging our emotions, strengths, and receptivity, and in doing so, we discover that in every drop, there is a reflection of the divine.

Stay hydrated, stay curious, stay gorgeous.

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